Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tile-tastic Pt. 3

Here's a little update on the shower. Ella had her 6th birthday party today, so I only spent a couple hours working on the shower. My objective was to start a couple of rows of the wall tile, and make sure it's all really level, then let it set up over night, so I can finish it off tomorrow, without the tiles slipping. I borrowed my dad's tile cutter. It's one of the score and snap type, that's almost like a glass cutter on a track, it cuts ceramic tile up to 12". For basic cuts on ceramic tile, I see little need for a wet saw, if you're doing stone, that's another matter. I drew out level lines first, centrelines for the tile, and level lines every 2'. I can't believe it took me over 2 hours to do this much tile, I think the rest will go a lot faster.

I talked to my plumbing consultant (my next door neighbour Bill), and I've decided to rip up the floor around the toilet, and put it in the right place. I think it'll talke the same amount of time as it would to put an offset flange in, and it'll be centered between the vanity and the toilet. Ahh plumbing, the bane of my existence!

Here's what the plumbing looked like pre concrete, I may have to jog the pipe for the vent as well. Breaking the concrete is going to be the hard part I'm sure though.

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