Saturday, February 11, 2006

Basement Door

I hung the first door for the rooms in the basement. I built the frame out of new fir, I would have used old wood, if I had any good stuff. This is the good side of the door, the side that has never been painted. I bought new hinges and door hardware, we'll see how long the cheap mortise lockset lasts. I was going to look for a good used one, I think this will do for the basement. We may try and antique it, we have some stain glass stuff that turns brass black. It's just so shiny brand new cheap brass. I'm glad I sharpened all my chisels a while back, I think I used almost all of them today. The lock part of the mortise lockset fit perfectly, the flat part had to be made a little larger. My FIL took the lockset apart, and reversed the latch, the lock is really primitive. I had to fill in one side of the frame, originally I was going to use a 32" door, I opted for the 30", because it was in better condition. I still have 2 more 30" doors to hang for the room, one is a closet door. I need to fine either a 26" or 24" door for the bathroom. I don't think it will be too hard, Jack's seemed to have a lot of interior doors last time I was there. I've been looking on Craigslist, but nothing has come up there.
Tomorrow I'm going to work on the tiling again. I'm going to borrow a brad nailer, so I'm holding off on doing any more trim. We did the door stop on the top of the door without a nailer, and it was difficult, I had to pre-drill everything, and make a little guard, so my hammer didn't marr the trim.

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