Monday, February 13, 2006

Kensington Bungalow Proudly Presents...

Top Ten reasons why I love “How Not to Decorate”

I love this show. Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan (from BBCs Million Pound Property Experiment) head a team of builders, project managers and homeowners as they transform houses full of dated decor, domestic neglect and bad taste into shiny new designer palaces fit for a queen. Or that's the idea, at least.

Here’s my top ten reasons why this show is so great:

10. The most ghastly British interiors you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

9. The look on the homeowner’s face when they realize they must stay in an RV while renovations takes place.

8. Watching the Katies try and figure out how to get all the special order items the boys want in only a few days.

7. Justin’s outfits- most notably the super all-white suit with black shirt and white tie.

6. Everyone avoiding the boys when they come to the set.

5. “Utterly stonkin’!”

4. Seeing what the homeowner brings back into the newly updated spaces.

3. “Well, throw a technicolour paint chip on me and call me Joseph!”

2. Watching the boys scold the Katies for not getting their special order items.

1. “That is pleasuring me in the most unlikely of places.”

Check out their book here.

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