Thursday, February 16, 2006

Planning for a busy weekend

Besides all the family obligations, we have a list of stuff to do on the basement. Deb picked up the laminate floor yesterday from Ikea, it's one of the cheaper ones, Tundra in Alder Effect. She couldn't find the pad though, so I'll just get one from Home Depot. We need about 5 more octagonal mosaics to finish the bathroom floor as well. They said they had 62 boxes of the white and black in stock at Home Depot, they just can't find it. You'd think a company that size might have a decent stocking system? I need to build another door frame, and hang another door as well. This is probably what I need to do next. I borrowed a compresser and 2 brad nailers, so hopefully it'll go a little quicker. We need to find a door for the bathroom as well, either a 24" or 26" will fit. I'm going to head to Jack's New and Used, to see what they have. I remember they had a lot of interior doors, hopefully something the right size. I have to start leveling part of the floor for the laminate, I'm actually not going to level it, since the floor is sloped, just make it flat. I'll have to use concrete topping, since the self levelling won't work. Sounds like I have more than I can finsh.

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