Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Self Levelling Concrete

I had my first experience with self levelling concrete last night. My carpenter neighbour suggested that we pour some self levelling concrete, to even out the bathroom floor especially around the toilet. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the price, $43 for a 55 pound bag. And another $10 for the primer to have it stick to the concrete.
The primer goes on with a brush or a roller. I had an old roller, so I opted for that. I had to clean all the thinset, and drywall compound off the floor first. The I rolled on the primer. It gave the concrete a nice sheen. I got deb to help me with the mixing of the concrete. You start with 4.5 litres of water, in a 5 gallon bucket (or is that a 20 litre bucket, now I'm getting confused), then have someone mix it with the drill, as you pour in the bag of concrete. You're supposed to have a 1/2" drill, but our heavy duty 3/8" seems to be holding out. Then you pour the mixture on to the floor starting at the low point, working back to where you want to feather it out.
The edge was the only part I had a little trouble with. I troweled it a little to feather it, it's still a little high at the edge, I guess you could use something else to even it out. I think the thinset will fix it though, since it's hardly noticeable. The overall floor is so much better.
I also bought some wood to start building frames for the doors I need to hang. I got 1x5" douglas fir. An 8' board is almost $17, it's about the same as I paid for the finger jointed pine rabbeted frame. It's not that straight, I hope with the shims, I can staighten it out.

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