Saturday, February 4, 2006

Tile-tastic pt. 4

Here's the Cranky Construction Cat, trying to do more paw art. Too late, the concrete is already set up. The drain is moved, now I just have to decide whether to use self levelling compound on the floor of not. It's not terrible, it's not level either though.

Here's the first wall completed. We added a band of 1x1, that's left over floor tile. The wall tiles are metric, 10x20 cm and the black cap is imperial, so they didn't line up at all. I'm happy with it so far though.

Here's the other wall. I didn't get quite as far as I thought I would. I also had to cut out around the shower valve to fit that plastic piece in. That's why there's a hammer in the photo, I was knocking out pieces of the durock. There's quite a bit of leeway for cutting around the valve with the tile. It looks like it might be hard to get the screws in the escutcheon, even with the plastic piece, that makes it a little easier. Tomorrow hopefully we'll get this wall done, and the last wall as well. There's some tricky cutting, around the toilet valve, I already broke a tile trying it. I don't have a wet saw, I have this diamond hacksaw blade, that works pretty good so far. And of course the straight cuts are all score and snap.

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Trissa said...

Looks great- I really like the black across the top. You've been busy!