Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Paranoid Much?

This happened yesterday:
It was time to get Ella from school. I got Seth all dressed, and myself, and went to turn on the alarm as I always do before leaving when I noticed that the (new) basement door was moving with the wind. "Huh, that's funny," I thought. I set the alarm, left, locked the door and went outside carrying the "too heaby" guy down the stairs. Turned the corner to head to the street and that's when I noticed it... The basement bathroom window was open! Okay, well if someone is down there and they go upstairs, they'll set off the alarm and hopefully not grab anything before they go.

I got Ella as quickly as I could and came back... The window was still open and the alarm was still set. The kids stayed in the playhouse while I went in armed with the phone to make sure it was safe. It was.

Looks like someone pushed the window open to gain access but in the process knocked over a glass jar of some glue mixture which smashed all over the new tiled floor, and most likely scared them away.... either that or the neighbour's dog. Strange though... didn't notice the window when I took Ella to school, nor did I hear anything all morning. And, no, I don't think it was the wind- the latch was completely broken off.

So now I feel like a cat going from window to window, opening and closing the blinds, noticing anything and everything out of the ordinary feeling the paranoia mount. I called the non-emergency police and filed a report, let all the neighbours know, and I notified the community email bulletin, and screwed the window shut with a 2x4 (yes, I'm handy, too!).

Needless to say I took one of my magic blue pills and now at least my hands have stopped shaking and my heart rate is back to normal, but that could have easily have been caused by too much coffee...


Trissa said...

Yikes- it doesn't take much to freak me out and that definitely would have done it. Can you add the downstairs to your alarm system? We've been debating about putting an alarm in and are going to wire it, but this may just make up my mind. I'm glad it wasn't worse. Did the tile clean up okay?

deb said...

we would have added the windows to the system when we first moved in but at the time they were all painted shut! now it's just a matter of time before they're added.

the tile and grout was sealed i think a night or two before it happened and i cleaned it all up before the glue could dry.

i would definetly recommend an alarm, not only does it make a lot of noise, but it also gives you something like 10%off your house insurance... of course you need to actually activate the alarm (most ppl don't if you can believe that) even when you're home/sleeping otherwise your insurance becomes void.

Adam said...

Sorry to hear that..probably just some dirtball looking for something quick and easy to buy some crack with. I get paranoid about that stuff too..alarm is best defense im sure, stickers on the windows saying its alarmed too maybe. Or, a big dog that loves the kids but hates crackheads.