Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mismatched Paint

I spent the better part of the weekend, trying to finish the drywall and paint in the basement. I picked up a third gallon of Sandstone Cliff a while ago, to do a final coat on the walls on one half. I was about halfway around when Deb came downstairs, and noticed the paint was going on the walls wet, darker than the existing paint. This isn't good, paint dries darker. I thought maybe some kind of paint miracle would happen, and it would match. Looks like I have to take the paint back get a new batch mixed. I think we have to switch to another paint brand next time, Behr just isn't cutting it, or the people that mix it at Home Depot are just clueless.
I did get 2 coats of paint on the bathroom, it needs some spackel work to fix some of my drywalling mistakes, especially the 1" space above the tile at the ceiling, that's so hard to fix. We got the door stop done on one of the doors, I'm making them full width, so they look like the older rabetted frames. I had to reverse the latch on one of the mortise locksets, and of course all the pieces flew out, and the picture in the instructions was wrong. It took me about an hour to figure out how it went together. I kept reversing 2 of the pieces, so the key wouldn't turn. Good thing the design isn't very complex, or I would have never got it back together.
Deb and I also started stripping the bathroom door. I was thinking of making it a little taller, I don't think I will though. It's a closet door, 26" wide, and around 6'-3" high. Our ceiling is only 6'-8", and the other doors are cut down to around 6'-6", so since none of us are that tall, I think it will do. I have to cut about 1/2" off of the width too, otherwise it'll be too tight. At least it seams to be stripping better than our doors upstairs, it doesn't have the thick primer that's so hard to get off.

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