Monday, April 24, 2006


It has been beau-ti-ful out these last couppla days and so we have been spending a lot of time in the yard playing and gardening. There’s really not that much to do, which I find really odd since the last 2 previous springs I was working in the garden like a crazy person off their meds. I weed, wait, weed some more… I have moved a few plants around- plants that I put in the ground last spring and mysteriously never came up (like this white bleeding heart I bought as a tuber and came up where I didn’t plant it…) and put some ferns and lily-of-the-valley under the cedar hedge that I chopped the lower branches off.

It’s coming along quite nicely and as each day passes I find new growth were there was none the day before. Of course, the blue bells are back with avengance, but that’s okay since what’s left of them is filling in where the crocuses, snowdrops and muscari have died back. A hollyhock I grew from seed last year has an amazingly large root and I don’t think I’ll be moving that one until the fall. I hope that the calla lilies I grew (and one that was a gift) survived the winter and actually bloom this year. They are my favourite and I’m feeling quite anxious about them.

This past weekend we bought an evergreen clematis (Clematis armandii) that will grow on the arbour of the fence that Derek built last year. Once the fence has it’s final coat of stain/protection then the clematis will have freedom to climb!

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Trissa said...

The garden is looking great- all your hard work is paying off. I've managed to get our lawn edged, but that's it for the garden. Later this spring I'll start doing some more weeding. I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather last weekend!