Sunday, April 16, 2006

Short and Sweet

Happy Easter to all our readers.

We had a lovely egg hunt in the back yard today- and one inside, too.

Haven't had much time to do more stripping of trim in the hallway.

Derek hurt his neck changing desks at work.

The heaters are installed in the basement- after a shorted out wire had to be replaced.

The drywall is repaired from when the wire was replaced.

The neigbours are renovating their kitchen (complete demo), and another their backyard.

I finally finished a beveled glass window I've been working on for about a year.


Trissa said...

The window looks great, Deb! Do you have a spot for it in your home? Happy Easter!

deb said...

Thanks! Derek is going to make a frame for it and then we'll hang it in the front window until those are replaced.... after that i may or may not sell it.

mainland_mum said...

Hi Deb,
I really enjoy your blog, and I've added it to my list of Local, Notable Bloggers. Hope that's okay! Gorgeous glass window!