Friday, June 16, 2006

Pepe Le Peu

We had a little incident with our stinky little friend from under the garage last night. It seems one of the ajoining neighbours forgot to close the gate, while walking through the yard. I heard the sound of Enu barking at around 10 o'clock, and looked out the window seeing him run away with his tail between his legs. It didn't take long to figure out what happened, I was soon closing the windows as quickly as possible, not that it helped much. Poor Enu got sprayed by the skunk under the garage. We phoned the neighbours to make sure they didn't let him in the house. Now who was the one that left the gate open? I guess it's time to try and get rid of the little stinker. Any ideas? We could try the fox urine I guess, I haven't tried to find it yet, doesn't seem like something that would be readily available.

This isn't our skunk... we haven't seen him/her yet.

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JLynnette said...

Ewww! Skunk spray.

Just before we moved, one of our cats tangled with a skunk and got sprayed. Being the crazy person I am, I ended up dousing the cat with tomato paste and water and gave her a bath. Let's just say it was an interesting experience and one I have no desire to repeat.