Monday, June 5, 2006

Vanity Progress

The vanity is now about 75% done, after some sporadic work on it this weekend. I mortised and tenoned the joints for the second door, and glued it together. I bought some forstner bits, so I could drill holes for the dowels to attach face frames to the box. A few more dowels, then I can glue that together. I made a mistake on the doors, instead of having a floating panel, I was just going to glue nail the panel in. The wood is just shy of 3/4", and I wanted the panel back as far as possible. So I'm going to float the panel, and hold it in with a molding on the back of the door.
The undermount sink we ordered came already, it only took a couple days, it came even before it was charged to me. So the next step is to start on the concrete countertop.

The sink just looks like a stainless steel bowl, that's all it is really with a hole for a drain.

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