Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Must Be Tasty

Yeah, so something has been eating my garden and it must be tasty because there's almost nothing left. The first pic is of the shade garden taken about this time last year. Note how nice and full it looks. The second one was taken today.

About a week ago as i was dumping some kitchen scraps into our compost I noticed a pile of dirt near the back of the garage, around the corner from my shade garden. I was thinking it was our neighbours dumping stuff over the fence since it's an area that's not used and full of weeds, cause you know, we'll never notice. Then I saw the hole... under the garage. Our garage is as old as the house and no PO had done anything to it- ever, so it's still in posession of the original wood floor boards right over the dirt. We already know there's a whole buncha rats there, and I honestly don't think rats could dig this big of a hole.
Just a few days ago I noticed that my ground cover (forget what it's called) wasn't looking so good. I replanted the ones that were out of the dirt, and cut off all the flowers thinking that that was what the predator was after. Then I noticed my hostas... and then the sedum... and the ferns. This thing has quite the appetite for my garden. Under our camelia is a whole bunch of lily-of-the-valley, periwinkle and another helebore. Bite! Bite! Chew! Chew! I guess the helebore doesn't taste good since whatever it is hasn't touched it.
I have no idea what it is... could be it's a skunk, or a raccoon, or a mole, or a mangey dawg... or something from another planet!

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