Monday, August 14, 2006

Re-siding the rear corner

The rear corner of our house, under the nook, was filled in after the house was built. We redid the foundation 2 years ago, when we discovered the posts were rotten, and carpenter ants were living there, and under the thin slab that was poured there. The nook and rear porch may have been cantilevered, I kind of doubt it though, since it's about 5'. The joists do run the full length continuously though. The posts were butted against the bevel board ceiling, you'd think the posts would be there first. Anyways, the whole back area was kind of shoddy, and cobbled together. They used smaller siding with less overlap as well. When we changed out the posts, we did a lot of damage as well, so all the siding was in really bad condition. It didn't take long to take it off, and repair all the boards underneath. I did have to take stucco off as well, so it took the better part of a day.

Here's the label on the back of one of the boards we took off. Thursten Flavell brand, I haven't heard of it, so they probably aren't around anymore. It is "A" cedar, which I'm sure is better than what I'm using to replace it.

Here we have the tar paper on, and water table started. My neighbour is a carpenter, so he told me how I should do the water table. I screwed a pressure treated 2x8 to the bottom, then we'll put flashing on top of that. It seems like overkill, the 2x8, but I want to replace it all the way around, since a lot of it is rotten, and the original boards are 1x8" fir. All the original door and window trim is fir, I've been using cedar to replace what needs replacing. I guess clear fir was a lot cheaper when the house was built. The door used to be the kitchen door, it's in bad condition, and it's put in reversed from upstairs. Looks like it was shellacked on the inside at one point. The window, we need to find a wood window eventually to match the rest of the house. It'll do for now, since it's just the garden shed.

Here's the nice mess our neighbour get to look at in our driveway. It's not enough to get a dumpster, and it's hard to haul away in a van, so we'll probably wait until we have enough for a dumpster, sorry neighbours.


Trissa said...

I'm impressed you guys- I don't know how you get so much done and have two great kids. It's looking great- keep at it! It's fun when you get the dumpster because it all goes away so quickly!

derek said...

it's so nice to get rid of all the trash, it might be in our driveway for almost a year, that's the problem. Maybe we'll build a temporary fence, so you can't see it from the street.