Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back Priming the Siding.

We started cutting and backpriming the siding last night. It gets dark around 9pm now, so you can't work too long in the evenings anymore. The old siding wasn't back primed, but I know the new stuff isn't as good as the old. It sure has a lot more knots that's for sure. It's 8" siding and the old stuff is 7", and the stuff we took off was 5". I thought one bundle of siding would do the job, it seems like we need more though. My neighbour did almost the same thing on his house, and he only used one bundle. I'm exposing 4.5" though, and he exposed around 6", so it looks like we need more. Maybe I should go to an actually cedar place, the quality at Home Depot isn't great. It's probably the "b" grade siding. Hopefully it doesn't all split and fall apart in a matter of years. I have to finish the watertable (the flashing, and board at the bottom of the house) on the side we stripped the stucco off as well. It may be a little tricky to get the flashing under the old siding, we should be able to do it though. We need to have the driveway regraded on that side as well, we'll probably wait until we pull all the stucco off though, since we don't want to ruin a new driveway.

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