Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Taking Care of Brushes

... it's something that I'm not very good at. I got tired of cleaning my brush everyday, so I decided to store it wraped in plastic. I guess it works if you're using it the same day, or leave it in the fridge. I left mine out in the blasing sun. The oil based primer was pretty much stuck on, no solvent was going to get it off. So now I need another brush again. I don't know how people get brushes to last for years. Even when I wash then correctly, they never seem to some clean enough. I bought one of those spinners, and that seems to help. Oh well, at least I got all the siding sanded last night, my hair looked blonde by the end of it last night, 7 - 12' pieces of siding sanded, enough to finish the shed under the kitchen nook. Hopefully the water table will be finished this weekend. There are a lot of nails to pull on the side of the house, where we removed the siding. I have to replace a couple pieces of siding. Then it's on to filling holes, scraping and sanding. Good thing we're not taking all the siding off at once.


alan said...

Getting brushes to last for years requires that you clean them. No I'm not busting your chops. Good brushes are expensive.

Cleaning them is not that hard a deal and your paint will help you.
Solvent. Latex. doesn't matter.
After a certain amount of painting, around 2 hours, it's starts to build up on the brush making painting harder than it needs to be.
Stop and clean the brush. Dishsoap and water will do the job for latex, and after using solvent on enamel, dishsoap and water will get rid of the solvent residue.

My posting on painting explains most of this.

Get a brush comb at the pet store and use it.
put the brush back in the wrapper when it is clean, especially if it is a sash and trim brush.
Spinners are fine for rollers, but will destroy bristle brushes. They spread the bristles, and begin breaking them quickly.

Give them to your grandkids.

deb said...

GRANDKIDS!?! you know that our kids are 6 and 2, right...

alan said...

No, and even more reason to save those brushes.

Besides, you can start them reading Tom Saywer in the back yard and get them to paint the fence.

Trissa said...

I read a tip once to soak the brush in whatever you clean it with before using it (water or solvent). Then pat it dry. It seems to help make it easier to clean them well. I've had pretty good luck, but my brushes aren't perfect!