Monday, August 21, 2006

Siding Progress

Some progress was made over the weekend, between family events. The back section under the kitchen nook is all covered in siding. I need to take out the window in the shed (that's what we call the room under the nook) and put it in properly. It's an ugly 70's window held in with quarter round. We're going to set in properly, and then maybe build some shutters, so we don't need to look at it all the time. I took of the bottom course of siding on the driveway side of the house, as well as the bottom board. They were both in poor condition, so we'll just replace them. I'm adding flashing and a pressure treated 2x8 all the way around the house (my neighbour calls it a water table). The existing siding is held on with finishing nails, so it's not too hard to get off, it's really brittle though too, 80 year old dry cedar. I had to replace some sheathing on the driveway side as well, it was rotten, there was 50 year old plus sideway at the side of the house, that was poured up against the siding. That wasn't too bright. The bottom plate had already been replaced with 2x6's running with the 6" part up and down. And some of the studs have been repaired. I replaced a little more of the bottom plate last summer. For some reason, the original tar paper didn't go right to the bottom. It ended 8" from the bottom. Must be some older building practice, or they ran out of tar paper. I patched in the tar paper as best as I could, pushing it under the siding. I have a week off work coming up, so we'll see if we can get the 2 sides primed and painted, we've already picked the colours. Should have some more pics coming soon.

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