Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finishing the rest of the basement.

It doesn't have to be finished to the same level as the rest of the basement, it's still a lot of work though. We have to insulate all the exterior walls, and cover them in drywall. We're also adding a powder room beside the laundry room. I started insulating and drywalling the laundry area on the weekend. It's a small space, and there's lots of junk to work around. I've been gluing 1" foamboard to the concrete (which is only 14" high at the back of the house), and using R-14 Roxul on the top section. On the section behind the washer, the drywall is only screwed in at the top, and glued at the bottom. Nobody is going to see it, behind the machines and the sink, it's necessary to cover up the combustible foam board. I can't believe it took all weekend to do that small section. When you have 2 kids, and you're continually moving things, and hooking the washing machine and dryer back up, to do emergency laundry (my son is toilet training), that doesn't help either. I have to pick up some more insulation, probably 3 or 4 more packs to finish off the basement. Then there's the painting I haven't finished outside. It's too dark in the evenings now, and it's supposed to rain this weekend. So the fence staining may have to wait until next year. There's a small section of siding that still needs sanding, and more filling. I hope we'll have some dry weather, so I can get a coat on that, and then, there,s the half stripped windows.

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