Monday, September 18, 2006

The Weekend

We made some progress over the weekend. Saturday was spend doing some of the final painting and staining, before winter hits. It was a beautiful sunny day, although I knew that rain was forecasted for the next day. I think both the paint and the stain said you're not supposed to paint if it's going to rain within 24 hours. We get a lot of rain, so I went for it, thinking it might be the last chance I get, while it's still dry. I did the fence first, I think it took just over an hour, to finish the 3rd coat. My neighbour started cutting with his tablesaw, halfway through. He saw that I was painting, and moved the saw. The wind was going the other way, so it didn't seem to effect the stain. I'd already washed the fence, but that was a week or more ago, so it was dirty again. I wasn't too bad, but I was staining over dust. Our exchange students left, so I opened the basement windows, so I could paint them properly. I did a second coat on some trim on the other side. The paint is starting to bubble in a few places. I didn't strip it to wood, so I anticipated some bubbling. We're going to scrape the bubbles, when we get around to it, then fill and paint them. Hopefully, it will eventually stop bubbling. I don't want to strip the entire house to wood, a lot fo the paint seemed to be holding pretty good.
Since our second student left as well, we moved our son back in to his room. I shellacked the cheap Ikea bed the student was using, and we put Seth's junior bed in the hip space (attic). He was pretty happy with his full sized bed. Then we cleared out the dormer room (I don't know if it qualifys as a room, it's so small), it's the kids play room. I have quite a few scrap pieces of drywall, so I got the rest of the room drywalled. It's got a crazy ceiling, so I didnt' do a great job. It's a good test of my taping skills I guess. I need to fill all the large gaps with concrete fill. It's really hard to work in there, since I can't even stand up. I sliced my finger open cutting drywall in there, I've done quite a bit of drywall, and this is the first time I've cut myself. I guess I'll have to be more careful from now on. We should have some new photos soon.

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Trissa said...

Sounds pretty productive. Drywall work is such a pain & in a room you can't stand up in it would be even more challenging. Bummer about cutting your finger- I hope it wasn't too bad!