Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Weekend Progress

As the weather cools, and turns damp, we're trying to wrap up the painting. It's pretty much dark when I get home from work now, so the evenings are out. I could get the lights out and paint, but I'm not in the mood for that lately. We got all the bare wood covered up on the weekend, and a first coat on the last window trim. Half a day of painting, and it'll be good for the winter.
Saturday morning it was drizzling, so I worked on the playroom in the small front dormer. There are a lot of crazy angles, so my drywall work isn't perfect. I'm using a product called Concrete Fill, it's a hot mud, with fibre in it, it's good for major drywall repairs. I have some gaps that are around an inch wide. So it's almost ready for taping now. I think I need one more coat, where I couldn't fill in enough. I've used Concrete Fill for repairing plaster before, none of it cracked, I wouldn't want to sand it though, it's more for doing a scratch coat, since it has the fibre in it, it doesn't dry smooth.
On Saturday afternoon, the sun came out, and I finished sanding and priming the last window. It seems the overhang kept the wood from getting wet. There's quite a bit of dirt splashed on the side of the house, so I regraded a path, and covered it in gravel, hopefully it doesn't get the siding as dirty. The driveway is like a junk yard at the moment. There's a pile of stucco we took off the house. There's piles of dirt, and old siding I ripped off the house. It's going to be a couple years before we get around to finishing the driveway. We need to finish the garage first, then we'll be done with digging. I don't want to finish the driveway, then pile dirt on it, have concrete trucks drive on it, et cetera. So sorry neighbours and people that walk and drive by the house, the driveway is going to be a mess a while longer.

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