Monday, October 23, 2006

Slow Progress

I haven't been blogging much lately, since there hasn't been too much to blog about. I get busy at my day job this time of year. I did get another coat of mud on the dormer drywall. It's the kids playroom, and it's only 5x5'. It has a lot of odd angles, so it seems like it takes as long as doing a full sized room. I can only stand up at the peak of the roof, so I've hit my head numerous times as well. I spent and hour cleaning up the driveway, it's still a mess, it's better than it was though. Hopefully I'll have enough time and energy soon to tackle the basement. We're adding a powder room, drywalling the laundry room, and I'll be building a better shop area as well. I'm planning on building a good bench to use hand tools at, and another bench for the power tools. As well as all the storage area I'll need. I think the room is around 12x12', so not a huge shop. I'll still have to pull the saw outside for some of the longer cuts. There still a lot to do, we're on hiatus for a little while though, hopefully when we start up again, we'll have renewed energy to get lots done.


Gene said...

Got a picture of the dormer work? And it's not your imagination -- it does take almost as long as a full-size room. It's all the angles and intersections which take longer than a flat wall, combined with the lack of working space. Our addition has two loft spaces, one big enough for us, the other above the bathroom is just big enough for the cats. It's to let light and ventilation in, but it was a pain to sheetrock and mud.

derek said...

I'll post some pictures soon. I didn't think the pictures would be too exciting yet.