Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Plans for the workshop

I've been working on updating the shop enough, so that I can buld some cabinets down there. I'm going to be insulating the walls, and drywalling as one of my first steps. I've been upgrading the electrical for the shop, the outlets before were shared with the lights for half the basements, so not only would by tablesaw blow the breaker, I'd be in the dark too. Not a good situation. I bought the wire, outlets, and 20amp breaker months ago, and finally got around to doing it on the weekend. Now the power tools have their own 20 amp circuit, so the power problems should be solved. I'm planning on building a proper workbench for hand tools, and another for power tools. I'm going to use just regular 2x4's for the top of the hand tool bench. I'm going to use threaded rod and glue to make a large butcher block with the 2x4's. I need to organize a lot, I have some shelves and cupboards, but there is so much scrap wood that needs to be organized too. Some of it can be stored in the garage, I want the wood I'm working on to be aclimated to the house, so I need some kind of storage rack. More lighting is also planned, for over both benches. The stairs are open to upstairs, so I'll be closing those in as well. I'm planning on building a footing for that wall, so the floor above can be jacked. We're planning on putting a piano on that wall upstairs, so we need the strength too. I'll probably be a 2x6" wall. Someone moved one of the 6x6's holding the main beam, and replaced it with a 4x4. I need to replace that 4x4 with a 6x6 as well. Sounds like I have my winter work cut out for me. Oh, but I still have to finish the kids rooms...

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deb said...

you forgot to post that today is seth's 3rd birthday