Monday, October 30, 2006

Pics of dormer room progress, or lack thereof

Here's a pic of me working in the dormer room, it's a little further along now
although I haven't worked on it for over a week. I worked both days on the weekend, and it's going to be a while until I work on the house again. At least I'm making extra money for renos. I can only stand up at the peak, it's a playroom for the kids, and lets extra light in as well. The dormer was ornamental when we bought the house. I guess it was to tell potential buyers that there were bedrooms upstairs. So we built a small room. It's over 2.5 years ago I started this project, well I've done a lot in interim, still it would be nice to get some of the projects wrapped up.

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Coach Joel said...


Looking forward to meeting Deb, Ella and Seth in a few days as I make my way to Vancouver for a conference. Love the blog!

Your cousin Joel