Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Tree Deluge

I went and picked up a tree on Friday night, at Home Depot. There's no way I'm going to brave that place on a Saturday. I went with the Douglas Fir, since I'm sure that's what everyone had here in days gone by, since it's a native tree. I don't have a Swede Saw, but I have a hand saw with a similar large tooth pattern. It didn't work so great, it was 10 o'clock, so I didn't want to break out the power tools. It took almost 30 min. to cut through the tree. Then I put it in the stand and brought it inside, and untied all the twine off of it. I filled it with roughly 2 litres of water. It seemed a lot straighter than years gone by, and the tree looked great. The next day Ella was showing us where she wanted to put her new snowflake ornament, she hardly even touched the tree. All of a sudden the tree is on the ground. I run over and pick it up, we throw a blanket on the ground to stop some of the water. I run downstairs for the mop. As I get to the bottom of the stairs, water is falling from the ceiling. We clean it all up, and then rework the tree so it's not tipping. So that evening, I go to put some more water in the tree, and it just pours out the bottom. I guess when I reset the tree, it broke a hole in the bottom. And it had been leaking slowly all day. The hardwood floors turned white. I guess they're waxed (we never waxed them), I know they're shellacked, seems like the white is going away, so they dont' seem to be damaged. We have to redo all our floors anyways, we don't want water stains though. Our neighbours gave us a better tree stand, and it seems all is well with the tree now. Who knew a Christmas tree could be so much work. Maybe the $40 stands are worth it.

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Boris Andreev said...

You're a Brave Mom :)