Friday, December 1, 2006

Damaged Trees

This post would be a lot better with photos, I didn't take any before I shook the snow off of them though. We had around 40cm of snow in 3 days (over a foot), and it was the heavy variety. Our cedar hedge was bowed over right to the ground. It seemed to spring back pretty good. The camelia tree was also damaged, I think it's almost as old as the house, so were going to try and tie it up. Now for the melting, the snow should be gone by monday, since it's supposed to rain a lot, and warm up. Hopefully there's no flooding.
I'm going to borrow Steve's hammer drill on the weekend, so that I can attach the rest of the sill plate to the foundation. Then I can continue with the insulation. Hopefully the shell of the shop will be done before christmas, then I can start building a bench, and shelves to store everything properly.

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