Sunday, February 11, 2007

Basement Walls

This is what the workshop looked like 2 weeks ago.

This is what it looked like a week ago, and how it looks now. At least it's functional again. The walls are insulated, and the cabinet is rehung.

We rented a van on Saturday, to get rid of all the old drywall we had. I had to drive it out to the dump that's further away, and that accept drywall. Did take too long a couple hours maybe. It felt good to get rid of it, and now we have a lot more space in the garage. Then since I had the van, I picked up 12 more sheets of drywall. Hopefully enough to finish the rest of the basement.

Not exactly thrilling photos. It's really hard hanging drywall by yourself, Deb has a deadline, so I did three sheets by myself. You get it in the perfect spot, and juggle the screw gun, and the screws, and by the time you get it all lined up, it slips by the time you go to put a screw in. It's a little frustrating. I'm sure I could have screwed a couple pieces of 2x4 on the wall in the perfect place, and it would have been a lot easier. I guess sometimes it's just easier to struggle. This area is going to be for Deb to do her stained glass work. She's been itching to do some, but the basement has been in complete disarray for quite some time. There's going to be a small powder room wedged in there as well.

I was working on the bottom section, but I broke 2 concrete bits, so I called it a day. I'm drilling in to the concrete, and using galvanized nails with wire, to hold various thicknesses of wood to the insulation. That way, the insulation is continuous on the concrete. I need to get a couple new bits, then I can continue. Hopefully I don't break anymore, they're not cheap.

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mindy said...

Tell Deb I'm supremely jealous that she's getting a stained glass studio in her basement!!! What a good husband you are ;)

I hear you on the "sometimes it's easier to just struggle".... I find myself doing things the hard way all the time out of laziness. Like not wanting to run outside and get the right tool, etc. Even though the laziness is pointless when it makes the whole job harder.