Monday, February 19, 2007

Final Energuide preparations

We had a snowboarding day at work on Friday, so we all got to go snowboarding on the company's dime. So Saturday started out a little slow. I mainly worked on caulking all the cracks in the bead board ceiling in Seth's room. That probably only took an hour to do, and most of that time seemed to be moving toys out of my way, so I could work. We have to repaint the ceiling now, since there's white stripes of caulk everywhere.

Sunday was plumbing day. I bought a MAPP gas torch, since I heard they were so much better. It's a self igniting one too, so it lights every time you press the button. For some reason, somebody thought it would be good idea to put the plumbing right against the concrete wall. since I'm working in that area, and the spigot is there, I added a frost free anti-siphon spigot. I haven't done a lot of work soldering copper, so I was a little nervous. I know enough people that can bail us out if we run in to problems though, and of course we ran in to problems. And I did run in to problems, it turns out that it is important to open every fixture to drain the lines. I thought the pipe was empty enough, I guess not. So my father in law came out and brought his fancy acetylene torch, and his flux and solder, which seemed to be better as well. So now we had water back to the house. He left me with the rest to do myself, which is good, since I really want to learn to do this. I read in my plumbing book again, how to solder. I'd already cleaned everything really well, I think it was just the water in the bottom of the pipe. The 5 or 6 joints I did for the spigot worked perfectly, so I was really happy.

It was supposed to rain all weekend, and the sun was out, so before adding insulation to the last bay on this wall, I added an outlet for the driveway. I bought all the stuff the night before, a gfci recepticle, cover etc. I got the outlet in, it's not connected yet though. I filled all the cracks outside on the wall with fire resistant silicone, around the spigot, the electrical service etc. We're going to have to repaint that wall anyway, so it's not so bad that I made a bit of a mess. Now I just have to finish insulating, and we're mostly done. I only have one day left, the inspection in on Tuesday.

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