Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Energuide Final Inspection

We had our final inspection for the energuide program yesterday. I think it went pretty good, better than I expected. Our first inspection, gave our house a rating of 47, out of a possible 100 in terms of how energy efficient it was. The attic hatches didn't have latches on them, so I think one of them blew open during the air test. Well, our house is now a 71, after insulating the basement, filling a lot of cracks, and changing the furnace. We're getting around $1400 back from the government, based on our improvements, although we have to wait 30 to 90 days to see that money. The inspections were 100 a piece, so it's really 1200 back. That makes it more than worth it. The new government has a new program they just introduced, so we may try to take advantage of that when we replace our windows. We're only replacing the ones that aren't original, which is almost all of them. That won't be for a while, we'll be saving our pennies for a while, to afford the windows we want.

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Mark said...

Way to go. Our work more then paid our insulation. Since we were going to do this stuff anyways it was like free money. Best part though was all the advise given through the process that helped to tighten up the envelope of the house. Things I might not have otherwise done. Its been downright cold here over the last month and we have cut our gas use from the same period last year down by about half. All this while keeping the average temp in the house about 4-5 degrees warmer this year. Just goes to prove you can make an older home very rewarding to live in.

Good for you guys