Thursday, February 8, 2007

Old Vancouver Bungalow Photos

I was searching through the archives to see what the city looked like, when our house was built in the 1920's.

This one was built in the early 40's it seems close to how ours would have looked when it was built.

I always pictured all the roads being paved, I guess not.

This one is pre 1920, and it has the plumbing stack on the outside, right from new. I always thoughy the stack was on the outside on these houses, because they added the plumbing after.

Some kind of English style cottage from the 20's.

I was surprised how unkempt the yards are. I guess people didn't have time for that kind of thing. Or maybe the house is new, and nobody has moved in yet?

This is what downtown looked like, I think around the 20's, maybe a little earlier. The west end was full of victorian houses, it's mostly high-rise apartments now. There area a few blocks left. It seems to be a lot smoggier back then with everyone burning coal as well.


Greg said...

Wow! Neat photos. I saw a silent film done in the 20s I would guess. In one segment the main character drives through a whole subdivision of brand new bungalows just like those. A lot of the places were still under construction. The scene started with him getting in his brand new car that was kept in a little bungalow garage. He kept the garage heated with a little kerosene heater for his "baby". As he drove through the neighborhood he kept falling out of the car and other zany things happened. It was a pretty good movie.

Mark said...

I metal detect for a hobby and have learned that many moons ago lawns often didn't exist like they do today. To care for a lawn you would need a sickle or a push mower. Not to sure when they were invented. Either way this worked well for people that like to metal detect as things were much more easily lost in longer grass or hay for that mater. If you were well off you would be able to afford lawn care or gardeners. Its funny many of my better finds have come from more modest old homes. By comparison the nicer homes often have fewer finds. Granted the homes that could have teas or parties in the gardens often produce nice finds too.

derek said...

greg, that sounds like a great movie, at least for bungalow fanatics, sounds like Buster Keaton or something.
mark, I figured that yards weren't as well kept as today, because people can be fanatical about their yards now, I just didn't know how sloppy things were. Yeah, I guess you could find some nice silverware where they had a tea party. I've only found broken glass digging in our yard, and trash that was less than 5 years old. I guess during a garbage strike, the previous owner buried trash in the yard.