Monday, February 5, 2007

Weekend, Workshop and Sealing up the Cracks

It started on Saturday, with more work on the Energuide stuff. I bought all the weatherstripping a while back, I go the medium thickness and the extra thick stuff. If I were to do the hatches again, I would make the frames, and put the doors in them in the workshop, and get everything so it closes nicely, and seals properly. Instead, we did the doors first, then built frames that fit in the opening after. It works pretty good on 2 of the doors, on the other one, I had to cut tapered pieces, and use various thicknesses of weatherstripping, and it still doesn't seal that good. I got the hatches sealed up pretty good though, I had to use plier to pull them shut, so I could get the lock in. I think the weather stripping will compress over time though. I'll probably have to put handles on them though, I'm thinking.
The ceiling in Seth's room is bevel board (it's like a plainer version of beadboard), so I've been caulking the joints with latex caulk. I've just been doing where it changes angle, and where it meets the drywall. I still have a bit to do on that. The upstairs is pretty much finished after that. It would nice to add more insulation in the attic, but we're going to be taking out the crappy drywall job that the previous owner did, so if we did cellulose, it would all just fall out. I need to add soffit vents, and those pieces so the insulation doesn't cover them as well, so I don't think we have time either.
I finished insulating the basement as well. All except for one bay. I want to replace the spigot, with one of the anti-siphon/frost-free ones. We only have R4 on the concrete portions of the walls in the workshop, it's a lot better than nothing. I nailed strips of plywood, sandwiching the foam insulation, to attach the drywall. I used a hammer drill, galvanized nails, and pieces of wire. It really hold the pieces on tight, and it's a lot easier/cheaper than tapcons. I put up 2 pieces of drywall, enough that I could put the workshop back together. I rehung the cabinet on the wall, and moved the location of the workbench. The layout seems a lot better, the workbench isn't right in the path of the laundry room. The outlets are too low on the wall with shelving now though, so I'll have to figure that out. I spent probably half of Sunday reorganizing the shop, there's still a long ways to go. I can start designing my other workbench soon. I aready have the top and vises, I need to get some wood to make the base. I guess it would all make more sense with pictures, I'll take some soon.

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Mark said...

I'm rooting for you. Every little bit helps when they come to do the second evaluation.