Saturday, March 3, 2007

More Trim for Seth's Room

After 2 years, I finally got around to finishing Seth's baseboards. The mirror on the wall is reflecting a tree painted on the opposite wall.

We have an electrical chase beside the chimney, there used to be a wall there, we took it out when we did his room. I'm planning on building a built-in there, so the wires will be covered up. There will be a closet rod behind the built-in, so he'll have a place to hang stuff up. The built-in should hold a lot of his toys and books. I have to get the workshop done, so I can get going on all the woodworking projects we have planned.

Here's the access to the chase, I didn't cut the hole, or make the plywood piece. There used to be a kitchenette in this room, you can see the outline of where the cabinet used to be. There was still plumbing in the chase. One side was just squeezed shut and soldered. We took the pipes out, we don't want a leak. I'll make a proper cover for it eventually, one with pieces of flooring on it, so it blends in. I want to leave it accessible, incase we need to add more electrical, or other wiring.


Trissa said...

Seth's room is looking great- I like the mirror with the tree from the opposite wall. Great write up in the Sun! Keep up the posts- it gives me hope that some day I'll be back to writing more posts after I keep adjusting to parenthood!

bruno said...
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