Monday, March 12, 2007

Slow Progress

We're all still in recovery here, from a recent bout with the flu, so we haven't been working too hard on the house. On Saturday, I did a little work on the basement walls. I attached some more wood slats to the foamboard (in to the concrete, with nails and wire pieces). I didn't get around to putting the drywall on though, it's very time consuming. As well , I got 2 pieces of trim done for Seth's room. They were tricky pieces. My angle finder wouldn't work, so I made templates out of cardboard. I got them to fit pretty tight, so I stained them. On Sunday I nailed the pieces in, only took about 10 minutes. I plugged the compressor in on the main floor, I have a long hose, so I didn't have to carry it all the way upstairs. After that, I fought with a tube of silicone for half an hour. I put a nail in the end to plug it up, but it was kind of dried around the nail. It started coming out, everywhere, except where I wanted it too. I siliconed the bottom of the bathtub, since the kids always splash, I don't want water going down there. Then I fixed the temporary countertop in the bathroom downstairs. We're getting a new student in a few weeks, so I need to get downstairs ready again. I want to varnish all the bookshelves down there, before the new student comes. Well, we're exhausted, even though not that much got done. Our fish are dying too, I think we lost 4 of them on the weekend. Not a good weekend to go outside, we had over 100mm of rain (4") so it was nasty out there.

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mindy said...

Ouch - sorry to hear you guys got the flu too, it's been awful this year. It wiped us out for about a week.

Hope you're all feeling better!