Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Down to the wood

All the trim in the hallway that is. All the paint is gone, Deb heat gunned the last of it off last night. I've been sanding it all down, and I put the pieces that we took off, back on. It looks like we're entering the home stretch on the hallway, it could all be varnished by the end of the weekend. Of course, it still won't be completely done (when is anything ever done). We still need to strip 3 doors, put another coat of paint on the walls, refinish the floors, and replace some of the trim that's the wrong species right now (I think it's yellow cedar, instead of fir). I need to figure out the air intake for the furnace too, it's make of fir, put it's in poor condition. Either we need a new one that's the same, or something else that looks period. All the new ones are super ugly. It's just nice to have all the paint off of that trim.
I tried to order the concrete counter top supplies again today, not having the best luck dealing with Cheng. We have to fax the order, since it's international. It's been over a week, and I haven't heard anything back, so I refaxed the order.
I'm still recovering from some minor burns from the plumbing foray on the weekend. Dropping hot solder on your arms isn't a good idea. Either is touching the pipe just after you've soldered it (it stays hot for a long time). Hopefully by the end of the weekend, the plumbing for the powder room will be roughed in. I added shut off valves to the laundry sink, since we didn't have them before. Now I can shut it off so I can finally fix the washers.

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