Monday, August 27, 2007

Deck update

We finished getting the stucco off the back of the house, well the part where the deck is anyways. I'm really glad we got it off before the deck, since the little stones and glass dent the new cedar decking really easily. We have most of the railing posts on, and about 3/4 of the decking down. We have to bring the rest of the decking back, since it's not up to snuff, it's got all kinds of defects. We're laying all the decking bark side out so it doesn't cup (you can tell by looking at the rings on the end of the board). It's taken longer than expected to lay the decking, with the undermount system. I use nails every second joist to space the boards, then I use clamps to hold both ends in postion. Then climb down and screw it all on from underneath. So this morning we're heading back to Sunbury Cedar, to return some of the boards, and get more 4x4's for the posts. We're going to pick up some stain as well, since they carry Sikkens there. We're using the Cetol SRD, in a Mahogany colour for the decking, and the top rail, we're going to use Natural Oak for the rest of the rail, and the risers on the stairs.

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