Sunday, September 30, 2007

not much going on...

The weather has turned seriously sour here. We still have stain and varnish work on the deck to do, and paint work to do on the house. We're supposed to get 65mm of rain just today (over 2"). We did manage a couple small things yesterday. We opened the box to the freezer we bought 2 months ago, and swapped places with the fridge in the basement. We still have the old big freezer in the garage. Our electric bill said we used 1/3 less power this July than last, so the old freezer may have been part of it. I also finished putting up some low voltage lights in the basement. We had a student that thought it was a clothesline, and broke the cable. Hmm, wet clothes on a power cable. At least he was saving power by not using the dryer so much. The new backing pad for our the concrete grinding pads came the other day, and the new variable speed grinder should be here soon, so we'll be able to finish the concrete counter for the downstairs bathroom soon. Then we just have to finish the tile work around the counter, and that room will be done. Our goal for the rest of the year, is to finish all the work that we've started. Then we can make a fresh start on a new project in the New Year (or sooner). Should be something more interesting going on here soon.

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