Tuesday, October 9, 2007

basment powder room etc.

The weather here on the weekend wasn't the greatest for us. I think we got over 2" of rain on Sunday, and a lot on Saturday as well. So we moved the work back inside. I hung the sheet rock for the powder room in the basement, and along a hallway leading to it. It seems like such a small bathroom, I think it's pretty average sized though. The drywall is taped, and we could have it painted by the end of next weekend.
Monday (Canadian Thanksgiving), we got to do a few things outside. We haven't cleaned our gutters since we moved in here almost 4 years ago. Plus, we took a couple of the downspouts off, while we were taking off the stucco. We had to replace the plastic coupling where the downspouts meet the gutters. The one reason we haven't done the gutters, is we didn't have a ladder. I bought a 24' ladder on Sunday night (it stopped raining enough, that I didn't get wet). The gutters were pretty full, even though we don't have any large trees nearby. I did the north side, and it was full of "salamander pond water", moss etc. Not my favourite job, but at least it was done quickly. The side of the house wasn't painted yet either, so when I was done with the gutters, I tended to that. I wanted to do another coat of filler, but didn't have the time, since we were going out for Thanksgiving dinner.
At dinner, I picked up some tools that the inlaws got me from the states. A shingle ripper to remove some damaged cedar shingles. And a 7" polisher, so I can finish the concrete counter I've been working on. More on that soon.


Trissa said...

Oh, the joy of gutters! It's always so nice to be done with that task. Have you used that polisher yet?

Derek said...

I just got the polisher on Monday, and I wasn't in the mood to try it out last night. Hopefully by the weekend, and then we can show some pictures of the finished product.