Monday, November 12, 2007

Basement Bathroom done

I finished the tile and mounting the counter, as well as the painting, and the piece of trim below the window. I still have to seal the grout on the tile that I just finished, other than that and 2 pieces of quarter round it's done. I'm working on the basement powder room as well, I put the latch on the pocket door, sanded the door and put three coats of Waterlox on it. The door is some kind of Chilean Pine, very strange grain on it. At least it's FSC certified. I'm doing the drywalling as well, I have one more coat to go. We need to pick tile for the bathroom, and figure out what we're doing for a sink and countertop. It's only 3x6', so it's really small.

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Trissa said...

Looks great Derek! I love the concrete counter and nice color choice for the paint. It seems like the last finishing details are sometimes the most difficult to get done- way to go!