Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Odds and Ends

We've slowed down a bit since the frantic pace of the summer. We finished the tile in the bathroom downstairs, since the counter is now in. We finished grouting it on the weekend, Deb helped me with the grouting, not one of my favourite tasks. We still have to seal the grout, and do all the silicone, around the sink, and where the tile meets the counter and wall. I need to cut off some of the excess membrane from the tile, and fix the drywall, and put the final piece of wood below the window. Some quarter round on the baseboard, and it's pretty much done.
Deb got me some Ikea storage shelves on the weekend too. My shop is pretty much in shambles most of the time. There's still a lot of drywall work to do in the shop. The shelves helped a lot, all the tools are neatly off the floor, and I have some room to work. Once I sort out all the scrap wood hanging about, it'll be even better.
I did my first 3 way switch the other day, it took a lot longer to hook up then I thought it would. I had to remove the existing wiring, so that's part of it, but 3 hours seems like a long time. I followed the instructions I found online, it has the switch on both ends of the lights, so I needed 4 wires between the 2 lights. I put the traveller on the wrong one at first, I followed the diagram, which showed it on the top. Once I changed it around it works perfectly.
So the other 3 - 3 way switches I need in the basement should go a little more smoothly. We should have some pics of the bathroom soon, maybe we'll finish it this weekend, stranger things have happened.


Trissa said...

It always seems like the first time I do something it takes way longer than I planned. I bet the next few three-way switches go more quickly!

Derek said...

Trissa - I figure it'll get a little faster, I've done quite a bit of electrical before. We're almost done all the electrical, so it shouldn't be too bad. It will be nice having a completed shop with proper lights.