Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Tale of Two Vents

This weekend, we moved the furnace duct for the living room. After almost 4 years of living under the entertainment unit, I decided it was time to move it. I made something to divert the air before, so it didn't all blow under the unit. We're planning on putting a piano on that wall, so we can't have a vent under the piano. I moved it as far to the side as I could, there's a beam underneath, so I couldn't move it back any farther. It was scary cutting in to the hardwood floor, I did a plunge cut with the jig saw, and scored the crosscut, it still splintered a little. It's covered by the grate though. I cut up a 2x8 to put under the old hole, and put a piece of plywood on top. The old hole was no where near square though. Moving the duct was a little bit of work, I had to cut some of the pieces, and remove the tape with the asbestos in it. I wore a mask, and wet it all down, then removed it.

It's nice having the heat come out in it's new spot. I think the grate has some kind of bronze coating underneath the paint. I'm going to try and remove the paint, without the coating. The last one I did, the coating came off with the paint.

I left the baseboard off, since it's not the original, and we have to refinish this wall anyways. We'll wait until after Christmas though, since it's disruptive. I need to add a wall under this wall, beside the basement stairs, it's sagging quite a bit. We're planning on a flat screen tv above the piano, I was looking at the mounting system they have at Lee Valley. I've been thinking we'd go with the articulated mount, so we can have it's a couple feet out from the wall, and it can swivel et cetera. We're planning on having the dvd player, cable box etc. in a cabinet on a different wall, so we need a transponder to send the remote signals. We need a rather long HDMI cable as well, since it's at least 20 feet away, (including snaking around).
I just placed the pieces or flooring from the new hole, in to the old. We'll have to do a better job when we refinish the floor. I don't know how to do this exactly, I want the joints to be staggered. I can use a chisel, I think the router could work as well, in conjunction with the chisel, to stagger the joints, I think the grooves might have to be removed on the bottoms at the ends, and face nailed. Well, it's a first stage for the living room.


Nick said...

Looks good, Derik.

Right: to remove some hardwood so you can stagger in the patch, you can cut down the middle of a piece with your circle-saw, then use a drill and a chisel to cut the end where you want it. The new piece needs to have the underside of th groove removed so you can get it into place.

Derek said...

That's mostly what I was thinking, except the part about cutting it up the middle, thanks. We need to get some salvaged flooring before we do it anyways, maybe this summer, we'll get around to refinishing the floors.