Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Armoire progress

I've got the armoire I'm making mostly put together, I've been working on it a lot the last 2 weeks. I've managed to remedy most of the mistakes I've made. A lot of the problems come from the fact that the plans call for non standard sized lumber, and I made mistakes trying to alter the plans. It would have been easier to buy bigger lumber and cut it down to size, it would have been a lot more expensive though. A lot of the lumber was cupped, I'd be a lot more careful choosing lumber next time. I guess it's difficult to get good pine these days. The pine beetle infestation probably doesn't help the selection of trees. It has to come apart to make it up the stairs, so the pieces are attached using screws. I used the pocket hole jig for a lot of the connections, and to make the back. I probably could have just used a piece of plywood for the back. I followed the plans though. I'm going to brad nail the back on, it's easy enough to pull the nails out, if we need to move it again. It seems a lot bigger than I imagined, it takes up almost all of my small workshop. I have to tip it on it's back, so I can do the hinges for the doors, the hinges seem a little small, now that I've got them home, I'll change them if they don't survive. I tested the stain we're using on a scrap piece of lumber, we're going to cover that with a couple coats of shellac.


Jen said...

Looking GREAT!

Jennifer said...

It looks very nice. What color are you staining?

Derek said...

It's a medium brown stain, pine doesn't seem to take stain that well, so it'll be fairly light. I looked at the sample I did in the light upstairs, since I know it'll look totally different than under the fluorescents downstairs.