Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hallway Redux

We started this project last January, and finally got around to finishing all the small details. It seems like the small details always prevent us from finishing any projects. We painted first, then finished stripping and sanding the trim, so we had to fix the plaster walls again, since sanding and stripping did some damage. I think we had green painters tape on the wall for a year. It ended up taking some of the paint off with it. A few trim pieces were either missing, broken, or the wrong type of wood. I had to make a new one for the return air grate. I found a nice piece of fir that matches the old nicely. We still need to do the floors, it's very inconvenient to do them since the hallway accesses upstairs, the bathroom, the basement and our bedroom. Maybe we can camp out in the basement in the summer, and do all the floors at once. We want to use waterlox, and it's about 6 hours between coats, and 4 coats is about minimum. Unlike polyurethane, it can be repaired, without sanding the whole floor.

We added more Waterlox to the doors and trim too, it looks a lot better, it's not glossy, but it's not flat either. Well it's back to work tomorrow, we got quite a bit done between holidays though.


Trissa said...

It looks great! The paint color shows the beauty of the wood.

This Old Erie House said...

I know exactly what you mean. I still have painters tape lining along some of my baseboards that I haven't finished shellacking and have been there (I'm too embarrassed to say 2 years) a year and will take the paint off. By then it will be time to paint again anyways. :-)