Friday, January 4, 2008


I've had the top and the vice for over a year, so I decided to build my workbench. It's for using hand tools like chisels and planes, I have another bench to use power tools on. The top and vice are from Lee Valley, I made the base out of maple. I've never worked with maple before, it's a lot harder than fir. My tablesaw was having problems cutting it, and my drillpress was having problems drilling it. I couldn't find any stock thicker than 1.25", so glued up those to make the trestle legs. I mortised the legs in to the base piece, I drilled holes, then cleaned it up with chisels. It was hard work with hand tools and maple. The stretchers are 3/4" x 6", and are held together with bed bolt, like a lot of flat pack furniture uses, that way it can be taken apart. I made the jaws for the vice out of scrap, I think I have to redo them, the holes aren't quite in the right spot, the dimensions were in metric, and I made a mistake somewhere. I'd like the jaws to be a little wider anyways. I have the handle for the vice somewhere. I have a tail vice that I'm going to put on as well, once I figure out how to put it on. I need more maple, and it's a little pricey, so I think I'll wait. Next is cleaning up and reorganizing the shop. Then I'll start building some furniture, hopefully it'll be a little easier with the new bench. I still need to put some finish on the legs. I'm going to get some adjustable feet as well.


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Wow, good work - that's really sweet.