Thursday, January 3, 2008

A tale of two toilets

We bought a new toilet for the upstairs bathroom, so the old one was banished to the basement. It's a Kohler Serif, and it has the Spanish style top flush ( I call it Spanish style, because almost all the toilets in Spain seemed to be this type). We opted for the round front, since we don't have a lot of space in the bathroom. The toilet is physically smaller than the old one, so that's good in a small bathroom. The profile of the toilet is different, so the temporary floor tiles aren't right anymore. I should have replaced the tiles, but I wanted to do the swap quickly. We're going to completely redo the bathroom anyways, hopefully within a couple years.
Next was moving the old toilet to the basement. It had been flushing rather slow, and I knew that someone had flushed something down there that didn't belong. I knew we were getting a new one, so I didn't want to take it off, since I was planning to take it off anyways. I reached inside and pulled out a toothbrush. Could have done that a month ago, if I knew it was just barely inside like that. The toilet was pretty heavy going down our steep basement stairs, I didn't fall or drop the toilet. The downstairs floor isn't as level as I'd like it to be. so the toilet is sticking up a bit in the front. I stuck some tile pieces under it to stop the rocking for now. It has 2 holes for extra bolts at the front, I need to remove the toilet to drill the holes though. I suppose I could use tapcons, probably wouldn't look great though. I guess as long as we use the caps, it'll look okay. We used the same flooring for the powder room, that we used for the other basement bathroom.
We're going to continue working on the powder room, should have it done within a month.


mrs. hemenway said...

ha haha! a toothbrush? which one of those kids did that? i'm taking a guess right now...

Derek said...

I don't think it would be too hard to guess who flushed the toothbrush. It was the second time he did it, I got it out with the plunger the first time.