Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fence Day One

Well, I guess it's not exactly day one, since we did the footings last weekend and last week. We did the arbour first, it's going to be a wide gate, it's over 4' wide. I like the steel brackets so far, seems easier than setting the posts in concrete, and keeping them plumb. We'll see if they stay plumb over time. I put a shim under each post to raise it off the ground, so the post doesn't suck up water from the concrete. On the cross pieces, I used my pocket hole jig to drill the holes. The top pieces are screwed from underneath, the bottoms are from the top, so I probably should use some epoxy to fill the holes.

All the posts are in now, so hopefully we can do all the cross pieces and the slats tomorrow. It will take a while to figure out the spacing of the slats, since I'm using 1x4's and 1x3's. I don't know if we'll get the gate done tomorrow, could probably get the rest done. We got these anti-sag hinges for the gate, the straps on them are 3' wide, we'll see how they do with the over 4' wide gate. It's kind of annoying working in the front yard, feels like you're on display, everyone that walks or drives by checks out what you're doing. Other parents at the kids school keep asking Deb what we're doing to the front yard, seems pretty obvious to us. Nice to do a project that's almost done in a weekend.

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