Monday, June 16, 2008

Fence Day Two

We got quite a bit done on the fence yesterday. All the cross pieces are on. I figured out all the spacing for the pickets, we're using 1x3's and 1x4's alternating. We're going to cut an arc in the pickets, once they're all on. Right now, the tops of the pickets don't line up.

It was nice and sunny here yesterday, and the fence is on the south side, so we moved the umbrella to the front. There are only 2 sections left that need pickets, plus we have to built a filler piece against the neighbour's fence. We're not doing one section right now, since we have to remove the stucco off the front of the house, and do the drainage at the front. And then there's the gate to build, so there's probably another days work, and then it'll be ready for stain. I was going to finish the pickets tonight, but I'm taking the night off. Good thing I ordered some extra wood, some of it isn't useable, it's been written on and some of it is so old, it's grey. I'll be returning those pieces, I don't know if they'll believe that it wasn't me that wrote on it.


Jojuchst said...

Hi Derek and Deb. It's nice that you're sharing the progress of your house reno with the rest of us. I use to go to Tupper Secondary so I recognize the location from your pics and I understand your feeling of everyone looking at you as you work at your front yard.

I live in N Bby now and I do quite a bit of reno myself around my house. I always want to put some pics together to show before/after effect but I always find that I am way too into my work and the idea of picture taking just never materialize.

Last year I put up my cedar fence along the side of my house after the storm of 2005? blew apart my old one. It was quite an enjoyable project. I am planning to power wash and paint it this summer.

Well keep up with your handy work.

Derek said...

Jojuchst - I'd recommend staining it instead of painting, you can use a solid stain, and it looks like paint, stain lasts longer, doesn't peel, and can be recoated without all the sanding etc.