Sunday, July 20, 2008

stucco removal and rot repair

I got some plywood last night to repair the sheathing on the front of the house. The sheathing was repaired before, I'd say maybe 10 to 15 years ago, only they redid the stone the same way, which just let the water in to the wall again. I was going to replace the whole front, but decided later to just replace what was rotten. I can use the other sheet to redo the back porch. So after removing the rest of the stone, I removed the rotten wood, and patched in new. The stone on the concrete was harder to remove, there's still some motar stuck to the concrete. I used the sledgehammer to remove some of it, I have to chisel the rest off.

After that was done, I started removing some of the stucco. I started using the roofing shovel as well, to remove it, it takes it off in larger chunks. I took off this section in just over an hour. The upper part is going to be more difficult, I'm going to use the step ladder for the lower section, and get as much as I can from the front porch. The shingles aren't as nice as the ones on the back, but they're not too bad. So once the stucco is off this side, we can start prepping the siding. I'm going to sand it, put a coat of preservative on it, and prime all 6 sides. Hopefully we'll get the front all repaired, and painted by the end of the summer.

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