Saturday, July 26, 2008

Front half destuccoed

This is the first destuccoing I've done with the ladder, it more difficult and time consuming. We're planning to get scaffolding for the sides, when we do them next year. If you look closely you can see 3 parts where the shingles are patched, it looks like there used to be corbels there to hold up a planter under the window. We'd like to add that again, although, we'd be careful to make it so it doesn't rot. I wonder what happened to the original, it was removed before the stucco was put on since the shingles are there. I left the aluminum crap around the windows, it's beat up from taking the shutters off, it'll do until we're ready to restore the trim.

You can see the part we finished a couple of years ago on the side. We're replacing the siding on the front, I hope to have it done this week. I have to finish the watertable as well, I've done the whole house except for the front.

The roofing shovel works really good for removing the stucco in some sections. It's not too hard on the siding as long as you're careful, it's got a wide section to pry against.

Here's a shot of the soffit, they even managed to stucco the soffit. They don't do that anymore, since it's not a good idea. They used to in the 40's and 50's, I've seen it before. It has fir bevel board underneath, hopefully it's in good condition. You can see where the light used to be, our neighbours still have theirs on their house (which is almost identical to ours). It doesn't work with our screen door, so we're going to keep using the sconce light that we put in (well actually we're going to get a newer nicer one).

Here's our beautiful driveway, we're going to get a bin next week, so we can start getting rid of all the stucco. I'm sure we'll need a couple bins next year when we do the sides.

Here's the old fir shutter. I don't think they were there originally, but they've been there long enough to start to rot.

You can see where the original porch used to be, we're going to patch the shingles, I'll have to remove a few, since they're not supposed to line up.

Here's a shot from the corner that shows where we are so far. The shingles look like they're in good condition for the most part, the paint is alligatored, but it should finish nicely. People were staring all day as they drove by and stopped at the pedestrian light in front of our house. Some even honked when they drove by, I don't know if they were honks of approval or just hey that guy is on a ladder lets honk. I can't wait until we get the new windows next year, it's going to look great.

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Karen Anne said...

That's going to look amazing when you're done. What a lot of work undoing someone else's bad judgment :-)