Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finally Some Colour...

I was getting tired of posting pictures of the white primed front of the house. Even though I was doing a lot to the front, it didn't look that different in the pictures. Most of the front shingles are repaired, except around the front door. A few rows that I repaired didn't quite line up, because there used to be a wooden porch where the shingles wrapped around, and I guess they changes by about an inch as they wrapped around the porch wall.

I got a sunburn on my legs from being on the ladder last weekend, it was still warm this weekend, in the mid 20's, I used the patio umbrella where I could so I wasn't painting in direct sun. It's difficult on the south side.

You can see the area around the door that needs to be finished. I don't think we'll get to stripping the bevel board ceiling or the supports this year. They're douglas fir, and we'd like to strip and stain them. Since they're mostly protected from the sun and rain. Eventually we'll strip and stain the front door as well, and get a more appropriate screen door and porch light.

Someone pointed out that our colours have a western theme, the top is Dry Sage, the band is Mustang and the bottom is Mountain Moss. They're all Benjamin Moore colours. It took me all day yesterday to do the one coat on the front, so we need another coat, and obviously the bottom. I still have to countersink the nails on the siding, and fill them. It painted over some of the filler without priming, and it seems okay. I think because we're using flat paint, better to hide all the defects in the siding. It's supposed to rain here this weekend, so maybe we'll get some more painting done in the next couple of days. I got hit by a car on my bicycle, so I haven't been feeling the greatest, we'll see how we do.


Melinda said...

I love the paint colors! Great job.

Jenni said...

I too love your paint colors.