Monday, September 22, 2008

More Colour...

The weather cleared up long enough to get a couple coats of paint on the bottom of the house. Deb did this while I was at work. You can see how much work the side is going to be, not looking forward to having to work around the electrical. I'd like to strip the fascia board right to the wood, it's all douglas fir. The end is a little broken, from when a dump truck hit it, so I have to repair that too. Hopefully we'll get to the drainage later this fall. We'll probably have to wait until the spring to finish the fence though, since it'll be too cold and wet to stain it.

I still have to fix the shingles around the front door. The brackets around the door need to be stripped too, so they can be stained. We're going to leave the aluminum crap around the windows for the winter, we'll take them off when we replace the windows. We're still working out the colour for the trim on the top, we're thinking the brown is too dark, with stained window frames.

We still need to do the corner boards, I can prime and paint those in the garage. I started to clean out the garage on Saturday, since it was raining. We have enough to do another dump run now, I picked out all the wood I figured I'd never use. We have a rat infestation in there, I found quite a few rat's nests. I put some poison stations in there, so we'll see how that does. I need to build some heavy duty brackets for some shelves to hold some of the better lumber. It'll be nice to have some floor space in there to strip wood etc.

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StuccoHouse said...

Wow, that looks very nice. Love the colors!