Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fixing Shingles

We've been working at the front of the house, trying to get it ready for paint. We have maybe another month to get the paint on before it's too wet and cold. Hopefully it'll be before that. I've scraped most of the loose paint off the, and primed the bare shingles. There's still some repairs where there used to be railings for the porch, and where the insulation was blown in, hopefully I'll get that all done by the end of the weekend. It seems like such a waste cutting the shingles for under the window. I actually cut 2 off the end of each shingle, but it still seems like a waste.

The front is looking really white with all that primer, it's going to look so much better once we get the colour on there. I need to get some flashing for where we're putting the corbels for the planters. I'm going to put flat pieces of cedar, on top of the flashing, so I can attach the corbels when I make them. Then I won't be rushed to make the corbels.

Hopefully we get the rest of the nails pulled, holes filled and all the shingles fixed, and the whole thing primed by the end of the weekend, the weather is supposed to be good, so we'll see how it goes.

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